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the castillo de san marcos was built in 1672,in the oldest,and some say the most haunted city in the country,st.augustine,fl.we have always gotten orb pix there;we had seen different lights going on and off(late at night when the inside was closed...the best time to ghosthunt)anyway that night we saw the tower light up and go dark.i took this picture,and you can see a fort sentry with a three-cornered hat and rifle looking out over the ocean.many have seen him on the ghosttours.the tower was empty,and i also noticed a red ecto coming out of the top.we have videotaped there and gotten what looks like an indian shadow with a bow and arrow.we also got evp,and a 35mm.picture that i believe to be osceola(who was once inprisoned there.(he looked very sad).

castillo de san marcos
you can feel the presence of many spirits there.

i could feel someone touching my hair and my sholder,and i was drawn to the wall there..

we get alot of psychic impressions,and at the fort we feel a feeling of heaviness,especially on the side near the water where it appears that firing squads may have operated.(there are mortarshell holes in the wall there)we have also smelled perfume,as they say the wife of a colonel and her lover were imprisoned there in a fit of rage.many years later in 1833,an engineer broke thruogh the wall and was overwhelmed by her fragrant perfume.they say that on the wall,chained together,were two skeletons.

this orb appears to be traveling
across the bridge,over the moat

this building was originally the winter home of
william warden,friend of john d.rockefeller

this is a close up of the orb that appears
next to me at ripleys,st.augustine

ripleys believe it or not was the site of a fatal
fire,in 1944.the two women victims are often seen here

some have seen a young girl,an accident victim
others,a former lighthouse keeper who smokes cigars

The girl who drowned here at the LIGHTHOUSE
LOVED her doll~ St Augustine Fl

this hazy figure appears in the doorway at the st.
augustine lightkeepers house built in the 1870's

castillo de san marcos,st.augustine,fl,built 1672
a fort sentry appears in empty window

castillo de san marcos,a "cold spot"
we got high readings here on our emg indicator

 walking the st.augustine streets at night,you'll never be alone.there are ghost tours all over the place, and so are the ghosts who inspire them!this ancient city has four hundred years of history to share with you,just step through these city gates to begin your experience.

visiting st.augustine,you can take a carriage ride
to hear the history told,beware of eavesdroppers!