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CONTACT US to JOIN or Needing Investigation, Books for Psychic Development

We do blessings and healings.

We do paranormal investigations and clearings if needed.We do not charge but do ask for a donation to cover fuel costs.
Contact us at 904-307-6501. You will need to sign our disclosure release form prior to our investigation. 
We are located in North Florida/CENTAL FLORIDA 
and have a lot of paranormal equipment and years of experience!
If you are interested in becoming a member,  please contact us. We will need a picture and bio which our team will review to determine your eligibility.
If you send us an email please put "need an investigation" in your subject line or  you can  put "want to become SPIRITLIGHT member".
To become a member, please send your professional looking picture, make it 3 by 5 with your name and location.
We will need your bio with information about your gifts,interest and how you want to help our group. If chosen you will become a trainee for a probationary period. We will expect a high level of committment and desire to learn and grow!
 Any non-members who want to share their paranormal pictures with us,send them! We can post them on our site!
 We look forward to hearing from you!


People who wish to join our group need to read and agree to our membership rules as follows:
1. This is a SPIRITUAL group. All evidence collected during an investigation will be posted by group leaders only in respect to our clients.
2. We show honor and respect to all: spirits, residents and fellow group members. We may disagree but do not criticize one another in public.
3. All investigation evidence will be turned over to Dianne, team leader,  in a timely fashion to be considered for display for our client,on our site and other forums. 
You will have your name on it if you want credit for your work.
4. Some required reading or psychic development training (offered through our group leaders) may be required based on an individual's experience and background.
5. We expect members to reply in regards to availability to attend an investigation or tour and to be punctual.
6. Dresscode is open to reflect individuality,  but not overly casual.  T-shirts will be available upon request.
7. Our group is based on Spiritual principles and open-minded sharing of gifts, focusing on positive energy. We are healers, counselors, and teachers on a Spiritual path.
8.Failure to follow group protocol will lead to dismissal from our team. This includes no calls no shows for cases and no response for case calls.
9. Get directions to the case in advance or meet us and ride with us to make sure we arrive on time.
10. Everyone will wait outside or assist upon request to set up our equipment prior to entering. We will do a ceremonial saging for protection before going in.
11. When arriving, the experienced Mediums due a 'walk through' with Science members to document and assist, to determine what areas/ spirits are in need.
12. Please put your phones on vibrate so there will be no phone calls during an investigation.
13. No smoking during an investigation, which could interfere with our photos.
14. Upon completion of our investigation we will do a ceremonial saging to prevent any negative energy from following us home. All members will leave after this.
15. Any evidence collected, evps, photos etc. are to be sent to us for our evidence review within 24-48 hours.
16. All members will like and comment on all of our pages on all of our videos. We need your support!
17. No drug use or alcohol consumption during any investigation.
Anyone who does not feel these principles reflect their own are welcome to join other paranormal groups who may better meet their needs.
18. We follow whatever rules are set for historical locals including hours of operations and disclosure.
19. We do not trespass on private property during an investigation. We will always ask for permission first. 
In terms of professional expectations for our clients, we do not charge to clear your house.  We do volunteer our time and effort.  We travel from different parts of Florida and we request a 2 hour minimum on emergency cancellation. We also appreciate no smoking , potentially nervous dogs to be put up, and your phones on vibrate so we can provide clear evidence back to you after our evidence review. We appreciate that we will all adher to an agreed upon time. You will need to sign a disclosure release prior to our investigation.
All evidence submitted and obtained during investigations becomes the permanent property of Spiritlight. Spiritlight members volunteer for cases and do not hold clients or Spiritlight group responsible for any injury occurring during investigations. 

REQUIRED readings for new members;
Spiritualism and Clairvoyance for Beginners, Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.By Elizabeth Owens
Spiritual Unfoldment 1-4 White Eagle (Amazon)
The Gentle Walk by One Eagle (LuLu, Amazon and Kindle)

Psychic Development classes will be offered by our group leaders. We will send out all calls by email for classes, investigations, historic investigations and Paranormal Conferences.